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Achieving your gut health goals is a journey; a journey that requires support, care and expertise. We are learning more and more about the gut microbiome every day. Science is finally waking up to the power of our gut bugs and the power that we hold to tip the balance. This is such an exciting time for gut health and well-being; studies have now linked gut bacteria to changes in mood and mental health, obesity and cardiovascular health.

So since our gut microbes do so much for us, it’s important for us to start thinking about what we can do for them. We truly believe in adding goodness to your life by making small, manageable changes that add up. It’s about progress, not perfection. Furthermore, we believe in evidence and expertise, which is why all the articles and recipes on our blog are written by suitably qualified experts and all your questions are answered by our team of digestive and gut health experts. Given how mainstream gut health has become in recent years, with the number of publications doubling every year in this field, and the topic being a buzzword in the media every day, our aim is to cut through the hype and bring you the most balanced, evidence based information possible. A great place to start – “What Exactly is Gut Health?” written exclusively for our blog by Laura Tilt, a Registered Dietitian, health writer and columnist for Women’s Health Magazine.

Whether you’re struggling with a gut disorder, looking to get your digestive health back on track, fed up of recurring urinary tract infections, wanting to share your experience and expertise, or simply wanting to learn more, rest assured you’ve come to the right place. By joining our community today, we promise to help you navigate your way through all the latest findings and really give you the “know how” to make significant changes to your life and the lives of your loved ones.

Furthermore, we know how painful and debilitating the physical symptoms of gut related conditions can be, and we understand that this can lead to poor body image, loss of confidence, embarrassment, shame, fear, social isolation, depression, and many other more complex issues. This community is designed to put an end to the Poo Taboo and to make sure that every voice, story and experience is heard through driving awareness for gut health.

There are a number of ways to join our community, we have a thriving Instagram page, a community on Facebook and a mailing list which you can sign up to using the form below. We also have a wonderful team of digestive and gut health experts who are happy to help if you’d prefer to get in touch directly. Please feel free to get in-touch, even if it’s just to give us an update about how you’ve been getting on with your gut health journey, we’re real people, we’ve seen it all before, and we’re nuts about guts so we can’t wait to hear from you!

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