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By Naomi Langford-Archer | March 4th, 2019 | Digestive Disorders, Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS)

Addressing the root cause

The term IBS doesn’t tell us anything other than what we already know which is that you have an irritable bowel. Your symptoms tell us that alone. What is important is to understand what is causing your IBS and address the cause so that the symptoms will disappear.

Interestingly 85% of patients diagnosed with IBS test positive for SIBO? SIBO stands for small intestinal bacterial overgrowth and is the leading cause of IBS.

SIBO is defined as an increase in the number of bacteria, and/or changes in type of bacteria present in the small intestine. In most patients, SIBO is not caused by a single type of bacteria, but is an overgrowth of the various types of bacteria that should normally be found in the colon.

Bacteria should not reside in the small intestine and therefore when they do end up in there, they start digesting the food that you eat, producing gas and distension of the abdomen – hello BLOATING!

SIBO both negatively affects both structure and function of the small intestine. It may significantly interfere with digestion of food and absorption of nutrients, primarily by damaging the cells lining the small intestine (the mucosa). Additionally, the damage to the mucosa can lead to leaky gut (when the intestinal barrier becomes permeable, allowing large protein molecules to escape into the bloodstream), which has a number of potential complications including immune reactions that cause food allergies or intolerances, generalised inflammation and autoimmune diseases.

In a nutshell

Small intestinal bacteria overgrowth could be the root cause of your IBS and until addressed your symptoms will remain. SIBO can be very nasty causing many unpleasant and harmful systemic symptoms. If you are struggling with bloating, wind, acid reflux, loose stools or constipation the chances are quite high that this could be SIBO – you can test for it so that targeted antimicrobials of the correct dosage can be administered to eradicate the overgrowth.

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What have you got to lose? Except your symptoms.

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This is a testimonial from a client of Naomi’s:

‘Before I took the first step of contacting you, I was at an all time low, physically and emotionally.  I don’t know if it was clear to you but at our first appointment I struggled to not burst into tears. I had followed you on facebook and wondered if you would know enough to help me. Gut nutrition is quite a new area and I already ate healthy so I did wonder what you could actually do. I was surprised by our first appointment and found a real confidence and an instant trust in you.  The tests you completed on me showed there were imbalances in my body. Since seeing you my health has improved. I have so much more energy and my emotions are more stable. And I also have the knowledge now that you don’t have to feel tired and ill all the time – you just have to find the right help, which for me was you.’ – Leanne Burgoyne

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IBS & Gut Health
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