Beauty and the Biome

By Summer Worsley | October 28th, 2018 | Live Cultures

We all strive to keep ourselves looking good. Skincare regimes are part of our daily lives. Treating acne, eczema, redness, trying to battle the signs of ageing – all are part of the routine. But now it is possible to stave off these problems.

For over 15 years, we have been encouraged to ingest ‘good bacteria’ to help the body – especially the digestive system. Yet, only in the past few years have we begun to understand how these bacteria can benefit the skin. Why is it, that we should all be using good bacteria as part of our beauty regime?

Helping with the battle

Microorganisms – yeast and live bacteria – that are key to our overall health, are known as probiotics. In the stomach, they work by balancing out the bad bacteria, fighting off cramps, bloating and other problems.

With our skin, probiotics work in a similar way, producing natural antibiotics which fight bad bacteria. They provide a protective shield, effectively repelling bad microorganisms from attacking. Probiotics also strengthen the skin’s surface against environmental threats, such as pollution and the sun.

In short, they maintain balance in the skin. This allows cells to flourish, reducing inflammation, and helping prevent redness, bumps, and premature ageing.

Achieving that healthy glow

We all have different skin types. The goal is to find the bacterial balance which will give us the glowing complexion we all desire. Treatments and moisturisers containing probiotics help us achieve just that. Working in harmony with other skin care ingredients, good bacteria ensures our skin gets the nutrients it’s lacking.

No longer do we have to use creams that leave our skin too oily or dry. There are plenty of products on the market which contain probiotics. Serums, cleansers, eye creams, body milk, and facial washes to name just a few. They help the skin maintain the right PH levels and keep it hydrated. A glowing radiance can now be achieved, showing off a renewed vitality and a more youthful beauty.

You are what you eat

In the early 00s, the first adverts for ‘good bacteria’ yogurt drinks burst onto our TV screens. They encouraged us to take these drinks daily to help improve our health.

Probiotics don’t just benefit our skin when applied directly. Introducing them into your diet is just as good for it. Taking supplements or eating foods rich in probiotic cultures – yogurt, kimchi, kefir, pickles etc. – strengthens the digestive tract. If we are what we eat, then when our stomach is healthy, our skin will be too!

More and more people are realising the great affect good bacterium has on their skin. Let probiotics change the way you approach your beauty regime, too.

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Beauty and the Biome
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